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Test Capabilities

NSS has the capability of doing various Environmental and Electrical testing. We assemble and test artifacts as per strict AS9100 standards and controls.

Antenna 02c

Antenna Measurement

  • Near field test range

  • 42ft x 42ft x 25ft chamber size

  • 400MHz to 18GHz

  • Spherical multi-probe array

  • 0.1dB agreement to EM models (see AMTA 2015 proceedings)

  • Air-conditioned, humidity controlled


Capability to perform MIL-STD-461 tests:​

  • Conducted Susceptibility (ie. CS114)

  • Conducted Emissions (ie. CE106)

  • Radiated Susceptibility (ie. RS103)

  • Radiated Emissions (ie. RE102) 


Experience with Industry Partners

  • Hermeticity

  • Internal gas analysis

  • Die Shear

  • Sand and dust

  • Lightning strike

  • Salt Fog

  • Explosive Atmosphere

Vibe Table

Vibe & Shock

  • Sine and Random Forces: 15,400 pounds from 5-2500Hz

  • Shock Force: 30,800 pounds (11ms)

  • Continuous Displacement: 2.5" peak-peak (Sine/Random), 3" peak-peak (Shock)

  • Slip Table Area: 36" x 36"

Industry Partners

Temperature Testing

  • Temperature Range: -94°F to 355°F (-70°C to 180°C)

  • Temperature Transition Rates up to 25°C/min

Humidity Testing

  • Temperature Range: -34°C to 85°C

  • Humidity Range: 20% to 95% relative humidity

Altitude Testing

  • Temperature Range: -68°C to 177°C

  • Altitude Range: 0 ft to 100,000 ft (760 torr to 8 torr)

Temperature Chamber

Automated Test Control

  • Automation speeds calibration, testing, and reduces error

  • Custom test fixtures to aid in automation

  • Experience with controlling COTS instrumentation and designing custom test instruments

  • High volume production products are possible with this enhancement

Test Control Box

Check out our other Capabilities

With years of experience in the field, our team possesses extensive knowledge and expertise in design, manufacturing, and test. See how NSS' capabilities can help you realize your ambitions.

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